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5 Signs You Need Some Cannabis This Christmas Season

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While we love the holidays, we will concede that they can be a little stressful. Simply put, you need your Christmas Weed. You have the increased travel, the shopping, and crowds both in public and in your home. Just because you love your family doesn’t mean they can’t drive you up the wall. Well, we have a not-so-secret weapon that will make that stress roll off your back like water off a duck’s behind. But when do you deploy that green missile? Fire up that doobie? Take a toke? Well, here are five signs it’s time for you to take a ganja break this holiday season:

  • People start yelling about politics – Don’t get us wrong. As Aristotle said, man is a political animal. There is nothing wrong with talking politics. It’s natural to be passionate about politics. However, when your uncle starts getting into a shouting match with your cousin once removed about Facebook posts on Christmas Eve, it’s a little too much to take. A quick green break and you should be able to sit through rounds 2,3,4,5, and 6 of the Great Christmas Political Debate ™.
  • Too many questions/awkward conversations – If there is anything relatable it’s having excruciating conversations with people you rarely see that ask far too many questions. “Honestly Aunt Nora, I don’t have a good reason why I am not in a relationship right now.” “Oh yes, I do remember that boring thing you brought up from 10 years ago.” “No, I don’t like My Little Ponies Anymore, I am an adult now.” If you gotta be in the hot seat, it’s time to excuse yourself for a little 420, then you will be ready to take the stand or whatever as your distant relatives inquire about your childhood bed-wetting.
  • You spent all day waiting in line – One of the low key stressful parts of the holidays is going shopping. Whether it’s a grocery store, a department store, or a big box store everyone is milling about with a dead-eyed You grab like 3 things and you have to wait 20 minutes in line. You contemplate leaving the items at the check stand or perhaps sprinting out of the store, removing your clothes, and throwing them in the ocean. However, you don’t do that and you spend what feels like 3 lifetimes in line for a pack of gum, some lunch meat, and a can of beans. When you get home (after navigating the holly jolly traffic along the way) you deserve to dose yourself with some good ole THC.
  • Being forced to watch/listen to the same Christmas movies/music over and over – As much as you love rocking around the Christmas tree and watching children assault burglars, you might need a different type of mistletoe to getcha into the Christmas spirit. Who knows, a little green might make even Justin Bieber’s Christmas album tolerable (but I’m not making any promises)?
  • Someone gives you socks – Giving someone a sock is in many ways worse than no Christmas present at all. You get a nicely wrapped box that could be anything…. but you unwrap it and…. Yeah, It’s a total let down! Like winning a trip that you think is to Hawaii but then you find out you misheard and they actually said Ohio.  Note: If these are the socks you are given we take it all back.

May your days be greeny and bright, dear readers. Happy Holidays and toke on Dreamers![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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