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How Weed Can Help You Accomplish Your New Year’s Resolutions

How Weed Can Help You Accomplish Your New Year’s Resolutions

            With 2018 here many of you might be looking for that extra little something that can put you over the edge to help you accomplish your New Year’s resolutions. Whether you want to exercise more, focus more time on a hobby or skill, or accomplish any great number of things, you can utilize marijuana to help you get to your goals. Want to find out how? Well, partner, we’ve outlined the reasons below:

  • Weed can help you with exercise – One of the most common categories of New Year’s resolutions has to do with exercise. Well, no matter what your fitness goal is, cannabis can help. As we have discussed before, marijuana can help you get in the zone, increase your pain threshold and stamina, as well as help with recovery and inflammation. So if you want to train for a marathon, go to the gym regularly, or are just starting an exercise regimen then cannabis may help you reach your goal!
  • Learn a new skill – learning a new skill can be stressful and hard to stick with. Well, you can use marijuana to help you with this goal! THC has been shown to increase the release of dopamine in your brain which may help with creativity and divergent thinking – something that may help you with your new skill. When performing skills, you could try microdosing which some users report increases mindfulness, creativity, as well as stress relief. Lastly, you could use marijuana as an incentive. Make a schedule for yourself to devote time to this new skill (playing a musical instrument, for example), and if you spend the time you allotted to do that new skill you could reward yourself.
  • Reduce Stress – a lot of people set a goal for themselves to reduce stress in the new year. Are you wondering how to go about doing that? Well, according to a recent survey, cannabis users are happier and less stressed than non-cannabis users. As more studies are being done on marijuana, research seems to suggest that it can aid in the reduction of chronic stress and anxiety. Perhaps marijuana can do the same for you!
  • Get More Sleep – This one is a layup! Cannabis (Indica-dominant strains particularly) is a great sleep aid. Although heavy cannabis use can interrupt your REM cycles, light and moderate use of cannabis can help you fall asleep faster and even fight insomnia.
  • Use Cannabis as a reward – no matter what your goal, you should reward yourself for sticking to your resolutions – so few people do! Experts suggest that having incentives and a reward structure for your goals make you more likely to accomplish them. What better reward than a little marijuana?

Well, that’s it, Dreamers. Happy 2018 and good luck sticking to those resolutions! Toke on, Dreamers!


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