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6 Videos to Watch While High


Unwrap, Unwind, and Watch:

In life there are a great many simple pleasures. If you are a marijuana enthusiast, you know that getting high and watching videos on the internet is one such pleasure. Ahh yes, but what videos should you watch? Well, dear reader, we’ve got the cure for what ails ye. These videos are either interesting, mesmerizing, or funny and could lead you down what we refer to as a video-hole. A video-hole is when you just start watching related video after related video. Hours may tick by, and yet you sit. Is that a good thing? Of course, it is! Well, grab yourself a snack and something to drink and let’s get started:

  • Dogs Wearing Booties for the First Time

    We love dogs. Doesn’t everyone? Well, what happens when you put your dogs in booties for the first time? Hilarity ensues. (FYI: there are numerous benefits to dogs wearing booties, this isn’t just to laugh at dogs. Don’t worry.)

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  • Big Enough – Kirin J Callinan ft. Alex Cameron, Molly Lewis, Jimmy Barnes

    This electronic/country (?) song has a sprawling Spaghetti Western-themed video which is oddly mesmerizing. However, we’re huge fans of the… uh… interlude that starts right around the 2:18 mark. Just trust us, it’s worth it. Of course, if you can’t wait that long here is the edited interlude only version.

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  • Kings of Leon – Shreds – Their Worst Performance Ever 

    For those who are uninitiated, shred videos are made when someone takes live footage of a musical performance and dubs new audio that sinks up with the singing and instruments featured in the video. When done well, it’s hilarious. This Kings of Leon – Sex on Fire shred is one of the best ones we’ve seen. We are also big fans of the Toto – Africa shred.

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  • 6 Bizarrely Specific Scenes Hollywood Won’t Stop Using 

    Cracked has a few great video series online. We are quite fond of both Obsessive Pop Culture Disorder and After Hours, which often point out bizarre tropes and clichés that Hollywood writers recycle. This video, for example, points out how often they recycle the “guy makes someone else shave him to establish dominance” scene. Cracked’s videos are great for that contemplative stage of being stoned. Enjoy!

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  • Best Weed Vines

    A classic go to is to get stoned and watch funny weed themed videos. This is a great little compilation you should enjoy. There is some adult language and the content pertains to cannabis, so don’t watch it around kids!

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  • NASA Live – Earth from Space

    Check out this beautiful and oddly satisfying view of Earth from space. There is something about the images and the background music that is awfully peaceful. This channel is perfect for pondering man’s existence, or just zoning out for 15 minutes.

    To watch this video CLICK HERE.


Well, that’s enough from us. Happy video watching. Toke on Dreamers!



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