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Top 10 Weed-Themed Puns for St. Fatty’s Day

Get in the spirit of St. Patrick's Day with these top 10 marijuana-themed puns! Title: Top 10 Weed-Themed Puns for St. Fatty's Day

Top 10 Weed-Themed Puns for St. Fatty’s Day

If you are a clever cannabis enthusiast, you have already realized something about March 17th.  You look down at your bud – hey it’s green! You look down at your shirt –it’s green too! What an incredible discovery!

St. Patrick’s Day is usually associated with drinking too much. People will even dye their beer or whiskey green and drink it. That’s crazy man! First off, hangovers are terrible. Second, why ingest a bunch of unnatural colors when you can already consume something green (marijuana)! Not only do you not have to go through the trouble of dyeing your pot, you also won’t have a hangover!  Instead of getting together with your buddies and drinking this St. Patrick’s Day you should get together and smoke instead. To get you in the mood, Agate Dreams has compiled a list of the top 10 marijuana-themed St. Patrick’s Day Puns! Are you ready? Let’s begin:

  1. St. Fatty’s Day; this one is self-explanatory. Smoke a fatty on St. Patty’s!
  2. A Pot o’ Smoke: give us a break we are trying here.
  3. Erin Go Bong: a pun on Erin Go Braugh which translates to “Ireland forever.”
  4. Stoned Patrick’s Day: this pun works best if you have a friend named Patrick who likes to smoke pot.
  5. The Blarney Stoner: so according to legend if you go to Blarney Castle in Ireland and kiss the stone you will be blessed with the gift of eloquence. We aren’t kidding. This is a great nickname for someone who seems to get more intelligent when they smoke.
  6. Four Keef Clover: this would be a great nickname for some strong bud.
  7. Fighting Eyelids: this is a pun on the “Fighting Irish” nickname, like the Notre Dame mascot. You know when pot makes you sleepy? You are in a sense fighting to keep your eyes open!
  8. Kiss Me I’m Highrish: this one needs no explanation. It works best if you are Irish as well. We’ve seen this on a few shirts before.
  9. Corned Beef Hash: so if you already have some hash you just say to someone “how about some corned beef hash?” and offer them the hash. As an aside, corned beef hash is very good. Here is a recipe. If you make the recipe you are going to have to clarify which hash you are offering though…
  10. LeperChongs: get it? Like Cheech and Chong? Haha!

Well, we hope all these puns get you in the mood to go green on St. Patrick’s Day. Make sure you are stocked up and visit Agate Dreams before you celebrate! Toke on Dreamers and Happy St. Fatty’s Day!


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