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A Message from the Managers

A Message from the Managers at Suquamish Evergreen Corporation 

To say we are living through unprecedented times would be an understatement. Things are uncertain and life is looking a little different these days. With all these changes, we wanted to check in with Agate Dreams, to see how the team is adjusting.

Has Agate Dreams made any precautionary changes to the store in light of COVID-19?

We are routinely wiping down counters and doors, all employees wear masks for their and the customer’s safety. We have hand sanitizer in four different places for everyone and have installed plexiglass at the security station. We don’t allow customers to handle products, but they can still look before buying. We’re practicing social distancing with markers on the floor and we only allow ten people including budtenders in the store at a time.

How have SEC employees handled the changes as a result of the COVID -19 pandemic?

Everyone is taking pride in the part they play in our daily goal to provide cannabis to our loyal customers in a safe environment. We see a lot of enthusiasm from our customers in creating a store environment they feel safe shopping in. Customer and employee safety is our top priority. Our budtenders continue to focus on customer service even though there are new obstacles to deal with. We’re extremely proud of everyone’s effort to stay safe.

What would you say to customers who are looking for the fastest way to get in and out of the store?

We offer online ordering at ​​. This is the best way to shop, order, and pick up quickly at the store. We have seen many people use our online ordering to shop quickly & conveniently.

Do you have any tips for people shopping on a budget?

If your budget is tight, check out our pre-rolls section. We have some under $10 or close to that. We also have an Agate Dreams house brand that offers a wider range of products at value pricing.

Has the cannabis industry faced the same challenges that every industry has as a result of COVID-19?

Cannabis production has slowed a bit just like many other industries during this time. We have also seen a larger customer interest flower.

One last thing, anything you’d like the community to know?

We’re here for you. Some things are changing, but most are not. Agate Dreams will continue to proudly serve the community and take care of our neighbors. We’ll keep looking for your next favorite products and most importantly, next time you come through the door, we’ll still be smiling even if it’s behind these masks! Thanks Kitsap, stay safe!


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