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Best Outdoor Games to Play While High

Best Outdoor Games to Play While High

We have previously discussed video games, board games, and smoking games to play while high but what has been missing is games that can get you outdoors. As fun as it to barricade yourself inside and shriek at sunlight like a vampire, it’s beneficial for humanoids to experience the sun’s rays on occasion (however fleeting sunlight can be in the Pacific Northwest). That being said, we thought it would be beneficial to suggest some games that would get you (or force you) outside. Here is our list:

  • Cornhole: just in case you aren’t familiar with this game, yes that is its actual name. It’s low key but competitive nature is a perfect game to partner with a little doobage. You can make or purchase everything you need for as little as $30 and you and your pals will forever have an excellent game to play when baked. Just don’t take a bag to the head!
  • Bocce Ball: this great game traces its roots back to the Roman Empire and will get you up and moving. You can play with as few as two or as many as eight as you and your friends try and throw/bowl color-coded balls to score more points than the other team. Sets are relatively inexpensive, and the game is easy to play. As a bonus, if you are playing with a disability or locomotor issues, the adaptations of boccia ball can be made and the play is the same!
  • Disc Golf: if there was a tailormade game to go with smoking cannabis outside, this would be it. A relaxed, easy game to play that will get you up and moving but will allow you to enjoy the effects of the plant. Sure you can spend hundreds on your set up but all you need is a couple of inexpensive discs to get started. There are plenty of courses set up in Kitsap County, and even if you don’t want to drive to a course you can just throw your discs at a tree and get 90% of the same experience.
  • Whiffle Ball Home Run Derby: go to the dollar store and buy a bat and a whiffle ball and you have all you need to play this game. You can adjust the home run distance to account for ability levels, and if you have enough players you can just play a baseball-style whiffle ball game. If you don’t have a bat and ball you can just adapt the rules and play kickball. Either way, the nostalgia of playing a kid’s game will partner greatly with a buzz!
  • Pokemon Go: a great game that you can play with yourself, it’s well past being a trendy game but 5 million people are still playing. Just download the app to your phone and go look for Pokemons. Just don’t use it in the bathroom, because when you are undressed one might Pikachu.

Thanks for taking the time to read our post! Do you agree with the games on our list? What other outdoor games are fun to play while high? Let us know on Facebook! Toke on Dreamers!


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