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Can Weed Get You Clear Skin?

Can Weed Get You Clear Skin?

People use marijuana and cannabis products for a variety of reasons. You’re reading a weed blog right now, so you probably know that. There are so many great products here in our store! With THC and CBD topicals popping up in the marketplace, you may be wondering if such a thing could be beneficial to your moneymaker.[i] With so many products and claims out there on other websites, we’d like to help you out. Today, we examine this question – can weed help you get clear skin?

You may have heard that smoking marijuana causes acne. There (sadly) may be some truth to this. According to a Dr. Ariel Ostad, when someone tokes up, the THC in marijuana increases your testosterone levels. This makes your skin produce more sebum oil that can cause an increase in zits – especially in people predisposed to acne. However, there are valid reasons to question the pot-gives-you-zits narrative. The testosterone increase is quite small and other dermatologists have stated that the boost is likely too low to causes acne. There is another explanation to the link between marijuana and acne: the munchies. It is generally accepted that high sugar foods are linked to acne and bad skin. So it may be those snacks and treats that are giving us zits while poor weed takes the blame[ii].

Some recent studies have thrown another wrench in this acne narrative. Hungarian Dermatologist and researcher Dr. Tamas Brio has published two papers where he found evidence that CBD could limit the production of sebum oil – the very stuff we said gives you zits in the last paragraph. Furthermore, cannabinoids are loaded with anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants which can calm down inflammation caused by skin conditions. They can also repair damage done to your skin at the cellular level. Thus, if you want to have your skin look clear, smooth, and youthful CBD could help you accomplish that when added to your skincare routine. Sweet!

One last thing – there is one more reason that marijuana may help you clear up your skin. Research suggests that stress worsens acne. Luckily, we have just the thing to help you mellow out here at Agate Dreams. While you are shopping for a little stress release you might as well grab some CBD skin treatments and try it out for yourself. You might be looking so fresh we might not recognize you when you come in. Toke on (and use topicals) Dreamers!

[i] That’s a fancy way to say face. Being the good looking people our readers tend to be, this is a valid concern.

[ii] Blaming pot? Your old, trusty friend? Who got you through your breakup with Pat in 2014? For shame!


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