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Dabbing: Cannabis 301

dab rig


Intro to DabbingDab

If you’re new or newly returning to the cannabis scene, you may be curious or concerned with one of the newer methods of cannabis consumption, dabbing. While dabbing is not for marijuana newbies or even once in a while smokers, it can be a fun and intense experience if you’re prepared.

What are Dabs?

Doing dabs isn’t too different from smoking cannabis out of a bong or a pipe, the principles are still the same but the technique, equipment and the intense high tends to make the uninitiated a little wary. Put simply, dabbing is a method of cannabis consumption in which cannabis extracts such as hash oil, wax, or shatter are inhaled through an “oil rig” after being heated on a metal surface called a “nail”.

Do I Need Special Equipment to Dab?

In addition to an oil or extract, you will need a blowtorch and a specialized smoking device if you are thinking of getting in to dabs. A dab rig is made up of two parts; a specially designed water pipe and a concentrate nail. You heat the nail with the blowtorch, apply your extract to the hot nail and inhale the vapor through your rig.

Dabbing Sounds Hardcore…

If using a blowtorch sounds intimidating, you’re not alone. Dabbing is often demonized by those outside the cannabis community who view it as the cannabis version of hard drugs. Much of this stems from the dangers of amateur and illegal production of cannabis oils, which can be dangerous. Amateur hash oil producers have been known to blow up themselves or their homes because of their carelessness and ignorance. If you’re not professionally trained and licensed to produce oils, don’t even attempt it. When people hear these explosive stories, combined with the need for a blowtorch and intense high, it makes dabbing sound like a dangerous endeavor. The truth is that while dabbing is certainly not for everyone, if it’s done responsibly it’s just as safe as every other method.

Is Dabbing Right for Me?

If you’re an experienced marijuana consumer and you’re looking for a more intense way to enjoy your bud, then absolutely. Dabbing is the most efficient way to get exceedingly high. Even if you’ve built up a tolerance, a big dab hit will make you feel like you’re smoking a joint for the first time. If you’re not as experienced with cannabis, we would recommend you avoid dabs until you have a better understanding of your tolerance level. If you have more questions about extracts or dabbing, check out one of our other blog posts or come in and ask one of our knowledgeable bud tenders!



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