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Etiquette: Cannabis 201

Joint and lighter


Cannabis Etiquette: Rules to Smoke by


One of the best parts about cannabis culture is the importance of sharing and the sense of community for those who take part in it. Since this communal spirit has been a part of the culture for so long, many informal rules have popped up around cannabis consumption. If you have ever smoked, you’ve probably been made aware of at least a couple of these rules. If you haven’t, well then it’s about time you learned the basics of weed etiquette!

Nug For Nug

If you’re smoking with your buddies, offer up your fair share. If your buddy offers up a nug of bud and you have some of your own, it’s the polite thing to at least offer a nug of your own. Don’t be a parasite.

The Smoke Out

If you’re “rich in herb” and one of your friends isn’t, offer to smoke with them. It’ll feel good to help out your friend, and that good karma will come back to you when you need it most!

Put Up or Shut Up

If it’s your weed, you get to decide how to smoke it. If it’s not your weed, pitch in or just be thankful that your friend is sharing.

Always Corner the Bowl

Unless you’ve been told that the bowl is all yours, make sure to leave some green bud in there for whoever you’re sharing with. Green flower always tastes better than your burnt up leftovers.

Maintain the Rotation

It doesn’t matter whether you’re passing the joint left or right, as long as whatever you’re smoking keeps going the same direction in the same order. Maintain the rotation and everyone will get their fair share, as long as you…

Puff, Puff, Pass

When the joint or blunt comes to you, take a couple puffs (just one if it’s a pipe or bong) then pass. That’s it. You don’t need more than 2 puffs. That’s why the rotation is there, it will come back around to you.

Your Story Can Wait

We all know that person. Right when the joint gets to them, they start telling a story while all the bud smolders away in their waiting hand. Sure, we may want to hear your story… But, it will most likely be even more interesting once you take a hit!

Now you know

If you follow these 7 rules of Cannabis Etiquette, every smoke session you’re a part of will be more enjoyable for you and everyone in the rotation. If you can think of anything we left out of our guide to proper etiquette, let us know on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and we’ll add it to the list!



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