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Vaping: Cannabis 201

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Vaping: Cannabis 201

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What is Vaping?

Vape is an alternative to burning cannabis. Many people burn their bud and inhale the smoke to enjoy cannabis. To some this can feel harsh on the lungs and throat, as well as create an ashy mess. Lucky for us, the miracles of modern weed science have delivered us a method that feels much cleaner and more gentle. By vaporizing your cannabis you can avoid a lot of the harshness, mess, and smell caused by smoking.

How does Vaping work?

Vaporizers heat the marijuana at a much lower temperature than when burned. The lower heat vaporizes the psychoactive ingredients in marijuana without the burnt plant material that usually comes with it. Whether you’re looking at a vape pen, a Pax vaporizer, or a Volcano, vaporization happens in one of two ways: convection or conduction. Both types of vaporizers will get the job done. So, choosing the right one for you mostly comes down to budget and preference.

Convection vs. Conduction

Convection is the transfer of heat through a liquid or gas. When it comes to cannabis, vaping means heated air. The heating element heats the air, which then passes through the cannabis product (whether it’s oil or dry herb) and heats it just enough to vaporize all the fun parts of the weed. When using a convection vaporizer, the chances that you’ll burn your cannabis are very low, which is helpful for people new to vaping. However, these types of vaporizers tend to be more expensive than conduction vaporizers. The most common type of convection vaporizers are bag vapes, like Volcanoes.
When it comes to cannabis, conduction is the transfer of heat through a substance or solid. In this case it means the marijuana is in direct contact with your heating element. This method is the most common form of vaping, since it’s used in vape pens and most handheld vaporizers. Conduction vaporizers tend to be less complicated and more affordable than convection vapes, but it comes with a higher risk of actually burning your cannabis product. You’ll also have to stir/shake the cannabis up to ensure that every bit is exposed to heat.

No matter what sort of cannabis experience you’re looking for, there’s a vaporizer that suits your needs. If you want more information on anything cannabis related, visit our blog! Toke on, Dreamers!



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