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Cannabis Vocab Part 2: Cannabis 201

Vocab Part 2


Cannabis Vocabulary Part 2

Smoking Woman

Grab your bong or spark a joint, it’s time for another lesson in Marijuana vocab! Now that we know what to call our favorite plant, we’re ready to move on to more advanced terms used in Cannabis culture. Once you get the hang of these phrases, you’ll be able to join all but the most exclusive smoke sessions without missing a beat. Now let’s dive in and learn how to speak like a cannabis connoisseur!


The act of inhaling marijuana smoke or vapor. Ex. “Want to hit this joint?” Many of you are probably well aware of this term… We’re including it here to cover our basis in case you forgot.


Where the cannabis flower is loaded into a pipe or bong. Ex. “Load another bowl, the movie’s about to start.” Another term you probably know, but it’s important to understand the basics before we move on to something like…

Snap Hit

When a person smokes the whole bowl within a single hit from a pipe or bong. Ex. “It’s been a long day. Load up the bong and pass it over, I’ll snap hit it and unwind.” Usually there’s enough space in a bong or pipe bowl for several hits, so smoking an entire bowl in one go deserves some special recognition!


The act of burning a small section of the weed loaded into a bowl, thereby leaving fresh, un-burnt bud for anyone sharing with you. Ex “You just torched the whole bowl… Don’t you know how to corner?” This is a mark of excellent cannabis etiquette. It’s always appreciated when everyone can take a fresh tasting hit, whether you were the first or last person to smoke.

Swamp Gas

The smoke left in a bong after someone has taken a hit. Ex. “That bong is huge, I can’t take a hit without leaving a ton of swamp gas!” Usually the result of someone burning more flower than they can handle, the smoke left in the bong becomes harsh and stale tasting. Creating swamp gas is wasteful and frowned upon… Know your limits.


The state of being completely without cannabis. Ex “I’ll smoke you out next week, I’m dankrupt until payday.” Pretty self-explanatory, but too painful to keep talking about. Let’s move on.


What is left of a joint, blunt, or spliff when it has been almost entirely smoked. Ex “I’m almost dankrupt right now, all I’ve got to smoke are roaches.” Sometimes when you’re getting low on bud, it’s time to raid the ashtray. Not the most pleasant experience, but it gets the job done.


Another name for a roach, so called because of how hot and painful the smoke is. Ex. “This joint is so tasty, I’m going to hit it till it’s a stinger!” Sometimes the bud is so good, you can’t let any go to waste.

Wu Tang

The act of sucking on, then swallowing a joint, spliff, or blunt. We don’t recommend trying this, but it is fun to know about.

If you have any favorite terms you’d like to see in future blog posts, contact us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and let us know. Toke on, Dreamers!



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