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Vendor Spotlight: Craft Elixirs

Craft elixirs and edibles
Vendor Spotlight: Craft Elixirs

If there’s one producer that embodies the perfect union of Seattle food and cannabis culture, it’s our friends at Craft elixirs. While many companies provide edibles, extracts, and oils, there are very few that approach those products with such an artisanal and culinary mindset.

The first thing you need to know about Craft Elixirs is that everything they make is all natural, vegan, non-GMO, and gluten free. Whether it’s the berries used to flavor the elixirs, or the sugar alcohol used to extract the THC, there isn’t anything artificial in their products. Even the bud infused into their products is grown without the use of pesticides, which is surprisingly rare in the current cannabis market. This organic, all natural mindset not only makes for delicious products, but lets you breathe easy knowing that you’re not consuming anything strange or potentially unhealthy.

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Infused Elixirs – Syrups/Mixers

Craft Elixirs is leaps and bounds ahead of much of their competition when it comes to the variety of unexpected and innovative flavor combinations. You might find another producer with a strawberry flavored cannabis tonic, but you won’t find one with strawberry-peppercorn (otherwise known as Wallingford Wanderlust). Instead of just producing another flavored cannabis elixir, they create their products with intention and thought towards how it will be prepared and consumed. Their Bagley Avenue Brew, for example, is a rich blend of coffee and chicory infused with sativa for an extra kick to whatever cocktail or dish in which it’s used. Rather than fighting to disguise the taste of cannabis, these flavors work in concert to give you a product that tastes delicious while giving you the uplifting experience that you look for in an elixir.

Elixir Selection

Bagley Ave Brew                      Ballard Beat

Capitol Hill Heat               Fairhaven Black

Seattle Simple Syrup          Verdita Dragon

Wallingford Wanderlust



Edibles – Infused Dried Fruit and RSO

If you love edibles, but don’t feel like mixing up a cocktail, you might enjoy Craft Elixir’s line of Cannabis infused dried fruits called Fremont Freaks) or their variety of RSO’s. Just like all their other products these edibles are made from all natural and pesticide, gluten and GMO free ingredients. RSO’s are highly potent cannabis concentrates intended to be eaten rather than smoked. Since even a small drop can have the effect of a strong edible, it’s recommended that new users start very small and wait at least 90 minutes to feel the effects. For the Fremont Freaks, each dried fruit serving has 10mg of THC, so it’s easy to know exactly how high you’ll get for each serving.

Fremont Freaks Infused Fruit

Apple Cinnamon                                                        Grapefruit

 Lemons, Oranges and Limes                  Pineapple Chocolate

RSO Selection

Banana Kush                 Buffalo BIll

Harlequin                          Jilly Bean

Lavender                Lemon Twilight

Sour Diesel                 Space Noodle

Strawberry Cough


Vape pen

Vape Cartridges

If vaping is more to your taste, Craft Elixirs offers a line of vegan, non-GMO, gluten and allergen free vape cartridges as well. Since these concentrates are made from all natural sugar alcohol, the high feels closer to smoking cannabis flower than to vaping a CO2 or BHO oil. With nothing added to the concentrate other than the bud and sugar alcohol, the subtle flavors are easily tasted when vaping, without any off-putting chemical tastes that sometimes come with CO2 oils.

Cartridge Selection

Afgooey                BC Mountain Pine Wrap

Breakfast Kush                           Buffalo Bill

Chernobyl                                Ewok Skunky

Gorilla Glue                               Mazar Kush

Phantom Cookies          Strawberry Cough



If you’re looking for a more natural, locally made cannabis product, Craft Elixir Products are exactly what you’ve been after. If you have any questions, feel free to drop by the store and ask our knowledgeable Budtenders, or contact us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Toke on, Dreamers!