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Cannabis & Happiness


Cannabis & Happiness

Marijuana Users are Happier, More Successful According to Awesome Study 

One of the most pervasive, absurd myths about Marijuana users is that they are lazy and not motivated. We here at Agate Dreams know this to be patently false as our customers and employees are great, passionate individuals who are just amazing to be around. We also know that cannabis can fuel creativity and productivity. Unfortunately, not everyone knows this to be true (or would rather be ignorant) so it is fantastic when we can find scientific studies that destroyd these myths.


A research firm known as BDS Analytics conducted a landmark, first of its kind study where it compared the health and habits of cannabis consumers in Colorado and California to non-users.  BDS used surveys to ask people in the two states a series of questions that considered their financial, social, and overall health as well as asked them questions about their mindset and beliefs. Through the data, they came across interesting findings relating to the characteristics of marijuana users versus the general public.


The results of the study were shockingly positive for those who would like to see Cannabis use more accepted in society.  In California, the average household income of a cannabis user was almost $20,000 more than the average nonuser. In addition, users of cannabis were more likely to hold a Master’s degree than non-users and in the state of Colorado a marijuana user was more likely to be employed full-time than a non-user. Sort of lays waste to that lazy myth, doesn’t it? The myth is a tiny slot receiver and this study is Kam Chancellor. Don’t do football? Ok, that myth is a delicious cedar plank salmon and the study is you and you were outside working all day. Delectable destruction.


I can already hear the skeptics poo-pooing this information. So what, right? I mean your job isn’t your old source of happiness?  What about outside of work? In California, cannabis users were more likely to have children (particularly young children) than non-users.The study also found that Colorado users were more likely to consider themselves to be social as well as enjoy fine arts and creative pursuits. Users in both states were also more likely to enjoy outdoor activities than non-users. Lastly, in California, cannabis consumers were more likely to volunteer their time to help others and consider themselves to be nurturing than non -users. What do you think of that? Guess what? The myth of the couch potato pot user is an ice cream cake and also guess what? It’s your birthday and you are around people that love and respect you (you are an Agate Dreams customer after all and that is the norm). So yeah you are going to lay waste to that cake, which is a good thing (please don’t think too much about these metaphors, the point is the myths are bad and you are good).


While this study is by far definitive proof of anything, the data seems to suggest that cannabis users are more likely than average to be successful economically and socially and more likely to give back to the community. It also seems to suggest that they are happier. Results like these are a huge blow to the anti-marijuana crowd who want nothing more than to paint users into untrue stereotypes in the lengthy and ridiculous pursuit of demonizing weed. For us, it just provides more proof that moderate use of cannabis can help us be successful, well-adjusted human beings.


Thankfully, several media outlets have wrote about this study but as cannabis users we need to do our part to share information like this, especially with our skeptical friends and family. Can pot be the key to a happier and more peaceful world? Well, it won’t hurt! As Lao Tzu once said, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” We agree. Toke on Dreamers!




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