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Will Cannabis Make You More Creative?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Does Weed Make You More Creative?

The link between weed and creativity is a hotly contested debate, with many scientists, philosophers, and lay folk all having their own thoughts and opinions on the matter. As human beings (the naked ape), what separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom is our desire to ponder the great questions of our existence. The ability and desire to examine questions such as, “why are we here?” or “are their other beings in the universe?” separate us from the common housefly, the woodpecker, or even the mountain gorilla. There are men and women who have made careers pondering the great questions of man. This post may not be on the same level as theirs, but the topic of a creative life and cannabis consumption is certainly something worth considering.

Naturally, people often point to artists and their use of marijuana as a reason why cannabis might fuel their creative endeavors. On August 28, 1964, Bob Dylan famously turned the Beatles on to marijuana. Every album made after that date produced by the lads from Liverpool is considered a modern classic of the genre, and their catalog (with many references to the marijuana) is considered to be the greatest of all time. Does this mean weed fuels creativity? As examiners and truth seekers, we need to consider both sides in order to make any sort of conclusion on the matter.

The Case Against Marijuana and Creativity

It’s often said by the naysayers that while users think they are more creative when using pot that in actuality the reverse is true. Such were the results of a 2014 Dutch study that found users who had ingested a high dose of vaporized cannabis (22mg) actually did worse on creative tasks than those who had not ingested cannabis or had used a smaller (5.5 mg) dose. This study was highly publicized and cited particularly by anti-marijuana groups. However, this study is easy to poke holes in. First, the sample size of the study was relatively small (60 participants). In addition, those who took the small dose scored better than those who were administered the placebo in 3 of the 4 categories in which they were evaluated. While we can’t completely dismiss the results of this study, it does suggest that perhaps a large dose of marijuana may not help you complete creative tasks as much as abstaining or taking a smaller dose.

The Case for Marijuana and Creativity

Admittedly, it is much easier to find users who say marijuana aids in the creative process. In an interview, former Apple CEO and cofounder Steve Jobs cited marijuana as a way to make him feel “relaxed and creative.” A diverse group of people including Carl Sagan, Salvador Dali, Brian Wilson, and Lady Gaga have all cited marijuana as fueling their creative process. THC has been shown to increase the release of dopamine to the brain which has been shown in studies to aid in divergent thinking and increase creativity. Brian Barcott, writer of Weed the People, has suggested this release of dopamine can silence the “internal editor” allowing users to be more productive or experimental in creative tasks.

The answer to the question as to whether marijuana use makes you more creative may be a personal one. We’ve discussed the benefits of microdosing previously. Many users of marijuana, both regular and microdosers, say that marijuana does in fact increase their creativity. In order to see if you will experience these same effects, you’ll have to try for yourself.

Agate Dreams has many lower THC products to help you decide, and it would be best to start small when you decide to test this out for yourself. We also suggest you read our previous blog Staying Productive with Cannabis in order to fuel your endeavors. You might just find the extra boost for your creative needs.

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