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6 Smoking Games That Are Fun with Friends


Smoking Games

Six Games to Play with Your Friends

At some point in your life you’ve probably played a drinking game. Sure, those games may have been fun when you were young, but your body pays for it. Hangovers… am I right, folks? They’re the worst. Well, now you’re older[1] and they are even uhh… worser… (not a word, but really it’s apt for that hungover feeling where you want to throw your brain into the ocean).  You can’t think, you have responsibilities, and you smell like a dumpster. Not cool! Well, this all could’ve been avoided if instead of a drinking game you played a smoking game. Did you know they exist? Well of course they do or this post would be really short! Anyhoozle, here are a few drinking games you can play with your friends:

  • Movietime: this one is easy. All you have to do is find a TV show or a movie that deals with the topic of cannabis. If marijuana is mentioned or used take a hit. If you’re in a group (you should be in groups because let’s face it, it’s not really a game if you do it by yourself) only one person takes a hit per reference to keep the game going.
  • Never Have I Ever: this is a great game to get to know people, particularly a side you may have never seen before. How the game works is someone says a phrase that begins with “never have I ever” (for example: “Never have I ever swam in Liberty Bay”). If you HAVE done the thing the speaker said, you get to take a hit. You could make this game highly personal I guess, but that’s your business. Our business is cannabis products.
  • Weed Pong: the same exact rules as beer pong except 1) the cups have water in them) and 2) you consume cannabis instead of chugging a beer. Trust us, play this version and you will feel at least 10x better in the morning.
  • Categories: this is a personal favorite. In this game someone picks a category (for example “musicians”) and a letter (“m”). Each player takes a turn saying a name or thing that fits in that category (in this case “Bob Marley” or “Madonna”). The first player who cannot say something that fits into the category has to smoke.
  • Smoke: you ever played the game Horse? Well, you play it the same way (with a basketball and everything!) but you spell “smoke” instead of “horse” and when you lose you enjoy some fine cannabis products.
  • Literally any Board Game: when you think about it anything can be turned into a smoking game if you 1) try hard and 2) believe in yourself. Stoned Twister, Candy Land, Monopoly, Blackjack, whatever your heart desires. Just think of the rules beforehand that involve losing equaling taking a puff and you are off to the races. If I could suggest one game it would be this: Operation.

Well, that’s it. Remember to stay within your limits. The point of smoking games is not the same as drinking games where players are trying to get smashed. The point is to lighten the mood and explore with your friends. Go out there and have some fun. Toke on, Dreamers!

[1] Well technically you are always older than you were yesterday even if you are the same age. Technically you are older now than when this sentence began. What if you were younger now than when you began reading? Woah, that’s crazy man. Anyhow, don’t think too hard about this, unless you invented some sort of time machine. If you did invent a time machine don’t mess with the past, just go to the future and buy a sports almanac and use it to make money like Biff did in Back to the Future II.  Welp, thanks for coming down to this section where I ramble about stupid stuff.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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