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NEW! Platinum Half Ounces!

If you’ve been keeping up with all our top-shelf ounce drops then you’ll know we’ve had our hands on some pretty exclusive strains. We’re excited

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420 Grams are back

$4.20 grams back in stock!

Happy Saturday, Dreamers! They were gone for a little while but NOW THEY’RE BACK! We’ve got our fan-favorite $4.20 Agate Dreams grams back on our

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White Runtz 2-2

White Runtz is back!

Did you miss out on the last limited run of White Runtz? You’re in luck! We snagged a few more half-ounces of this crowd favorite,

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Beach Shot

Pack a bowl with us!

This summer sun has us packing bowls and heading out to the yard to find a shady smoke spot. Grab your favorite strain from Agate

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