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Make some magic…

Here at Agate Dreams, we like to control the weather…make your own clouds or make the world seem brighter with our vape carts. Come talk

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Exotikz vendor day

Meet Exotikz!

The collaboration between Seattle Artist Berner and L.A. famous Jungle Boys, Exotikz is a top-shelf line with unique strains like Wedding Cake and Sundae Driver

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Take it easy, Dreamers!

How do you make the most of your summer Saturdays? We’re big fans of trying new strains, revisiting favorites, and spending time in the sun!

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Bellevue Feature

Happy Flower Friday!

Featured: GG#4 by Bellevue Cannabis It’s Friday, and that means 15% off flower all day! Try a new strain from new vendors or a classic

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Trail Blazin

Time to say farewell!

Featured: Blazin’ Sour Diesel by Trail Blazin’ If Trailblazin’ is a favorite of yours, now is the time to come stock up. We’re saying adios

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BOGO Flower?!

Mix n’ match every Tuesday for our Two-for-Tuesday weekly deal! By one flower get one 20% off! It’s a match made in heaven!

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Summer in full swing…

We’ve got what you need to celebrate these summer days! Come check out our selection of adventure-worthy products ready for summer fun! Not sure what

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