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Exercise and Cannabis


4 Ways Weed Can Help You Reach Your Fitness Goal


One of the many wonderfully interesting things you will find about our customers and employees is how much they value their health and fitness. As health conscious consumers of cannabis, many may wonder how their cannabis use affects their overall health and how cannabis can enhance their athletic pursuits. Recently, we have seen the linking of cannabis use with exercise in an explicit manner with the creation and promotion of the 420 Games and Cannabis-friendly gyms. So how can cannabis help you exercise and get fit? Check it out below:


  • It can help you get in the zone: In Men’s Journal, professional Triathlete Clifford Drusinksy shared his secret to performance: an energy bar containing 20 mgs of THC. According to Drusinsky, consuming pot before his workout allows him to focus on form and get in the zone for his lengthy training sessions. In the same article, Dr. Mark Ware stated that marijuana may help with focus regarding the “repetitive tasks’ involved with exercising. Stories of runners using marijuana as a performance enchancer are becoming more common place as the stigma of marijuana is quickly being reduced.


  • THC may increase your pain threshold and stamina: A 2003 study found that exercise activates your endocannabinoid system the same way marijuana does. Thus, when you are exercising your body is naturally producing THC just as it is producing endorphins. In conjunction they create that “runner’s high” that alleviates pain and has a positive effect on mood. For cannabis users, as they burn fat through exercise the THC stored in their fat is released into the blood stream and will have the same effect that naturally produced THC has. If you have a higher BMI, more THC will be released into the blood stream which may result in a greater “runner’s high” and increased stamina.


  •  Cannabis Use May Help with Recovery and Inflammation: in a 2015 article for Outside Magazine, writer Gordy Mergoz (previously a non-cannabis user) sought to see if daily cannabis use could increase his athletic output.  One of the things Gordy noted was that his soreness after a heavy squat session was substantially decreased while using marijuana. Ben Greenfield noted similar effects related to recovery by using THC and CBD. As many studies have linked marijuana to the reduction of inflammation and pain, many wonder if it is a better, natural alternative to painkillers.


  • Marijuana May Aid Metabolism and Lower Belly Fat: Studies on Marijuana users have shown that users: had lower blood sugar levels, less abdominal fat, a reduced risk of heart disease, smaller waistlines, and lower levels of bad cholesterol. In addition, studies also seem to suggest that marijuana use boosts your metabolism. While cannabis is not a magic bullet, moderate cannabis use with diet and exercise may help improve your health outcomes. Just be careful with the munchies!


If you asked a room full of people, I am guessing that almost all of them would say they would like to exercise more and be healthier. While cannabis alone cannot work miracles and turn you into a fitness superstar, responsible use could help to unlock your athletic potential. I don’t know about you, but reading this article makes me want to go out and be active! It also makes me want to stop by Agate Dreams. In fact, I couldn’t think of a better way to spend a warm Summer’s day. Cheers to you, dear friend. Go have some adventures and as always – toke on Dreamers!



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