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Microdosing with Marijuana


            One of the newest “fads” in cannabis use is Microdosing. It has been getting quite a decent amount of press everywhere from well known marijuana blogs to Rolling Stone and Salon. Anytime a trend in marijuana gets to the mainstream media, you know it’s here to stay. The thing is, sometimes (especially for our novice brothers and sisters in green) we miss out on the lingo and feel old and out of touch. You wouldn’t walk up to a teenager in today’s day and age and say to him, “Ah applesauce, that tunic is the bees knees, slick!” or something of that nature. You need to keep up on these terms, especially when it comes to our old pal Mary Jane. Thankfully, that’s why you have us. We are that cool friend that tells you that no one is saying things like “giggle water” or listening to Eddie Money anymore. Also, stop with tucking your t-shirts into your jeans. Really, an elastic waist band in your jeans? Let’s just get back to the post, shall we?


What is Microdosing?

It’s not just a clever name. Microdosing is the idea that you dose small amounts of marijuana (whether through smoke, vape, or edible) frequently for its therapeutic properties. While it is often associated with the medicinal use and the concept of “minimum effective dose” in the medical community, the practice is popular in the recreational field as well. The idea is that recreational marijuana use is more than getting stoned to the bone. Anyone who has any weed experience can tell you that marijuana has numerous positive side effects, and microdosers seek these benefits with minimum intoxication.

Microdosers report many positive side effects such as increases in creativity, stress relief, enhanced mindfulness, and enhanced exercise sessions. So how do you begin microdosing? The first part is key – start small. Everyone’s tolerance is different. Most users find it easiest to start with edibles. Your microdose may be 2.5 mgs or it may be 10 mgs, it really depends on “what floats your boat and finds your lost remote”. With some experimentation, you just might find what you are looking for. The author of this post (a fancy way of saying I) finds that a microdose at night helps them sleep without being groggy the next morning in a way that no other sleep aid can. What can it do for you? Well there is only one way to find out….

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