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Weed Myths Debunked


Weed Myths – Fact or Bunk?

Culturally, we have come a long way in both our perceptions and knowledge of marijuana. A seriously long way. Nonetheless, our culture has held onto some ridiculous and plain wrong ideas about marijuana and those who use it. While they may seem harmless or even a bit silly, these stereotypes and lies cloud people’s perceptions and fuel negative connotations relating to pot and it’s use in our society. By destroying and debunking these myths, we dreamers can help make the world a little bit better place to live.

1) Marijuana is as bad as, or worse for, your lungs than cigarettes.

Smoking cigarettes is not healthy (particularly for your lungs). This fact is accepted, even by cigarette companies.[1] Since marijuana is also smoked (and the smoke is known for being more intense than a cigarette) people assume that it must be just as damaging for your lungs as the “cancer sticks” old grandpa used to hack through in the basement after Thanksgiving Dinner. This myth is so pervasive that it’s even taught in famous anti-drug education courses across the country that we won’t mention here. However, a landmark 2012 study conducted over the course of 20 years showed that smoking marijuana was much less damaging to the lungs than cigarettes. While it isn’t necessarily good for your lungs, research suggests marijuana users do not damage their respiratory system or expose themselves to disease at the same rate as cigarette smokers.[2]

2) Weed gives you man boobs.

Like a lot of dumb hysteria centered around pot, we can blame this on fake news (you know who would be so proud!). In 2013 (!) CNN’s plastic surgeon contributor used cherry picked, outdated data and used a weak correlation to tell us all that men were getting boobs from pot. According to Dr. Yoon, the good herb caused dudes to produce too much estrogen and led to the phenomena known as “moobs.” Of course a litany of actual studies refutes everything Dr. Downer said, but this myth still exists. Toke on dreamers, this myth is busted.

3) Marijuana is a gateway drug

This is one of the stupider myths about weed that will not die. Even though people like former anti-marijuana crusader Dr. Sanjay Grupta have gone on tv to tell us the contrary, many of us were taught the gateway myth as iron clad fact so it has been seared in our brains. The Institute of Medicine concluded via a report that there is no evidence that marijuana use leads to other drugs. Nonetheless, the gateway lie continues to get peddled in political and media circles standing in the way of decriminalization and legalization across the US.


4) Pot is for lazy stoners

While the myth of the marijuana-addled murderer from Reefer Madness has died it has been replaced with the lazy, unambitious stoner. Anti-marijuana crusaders like recently fired sexual harasser Bill O’Reilly have long used this stereotype in their anti-fun propaganda war. This myth itself is lazy because everywhere you look you can find successful, ambitious people who smoke marijuana.[3] Besides, we already know there are numerous ways to stay productive while using cannabis.


There you have it, Dreamers. If you hear anyone propagating the above myths make sure to shut them down and refer them to this post if need be. As freedom loving Americans who enjoy cannabis responsibly, it is up to us to fight back against the lies and hysteria. Toke on and speak truth to power, Dreamers!


[1] The 1950s, however, were a different manner.

[2] If you are worried about marijuana smoke still you should switch to vaping.

[3] Check out our blog on staying productive with cannabis.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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