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Greening Out


What is Greening Out? How to Get a Friend (or Yourself) Through It:

 You may or may not be familiar with the term “greening out.” Greening out is a name for the unfortunate side effects one may experience if they accidentally (or on purpose, I suppose) overindulge on cannabis in any given situation. These side effects can be any number of things such as anxiety, nausea, fatigue, panic and distress. While we here at Agate Dreams recommend moderation in all things just as the Ancient Greeks did, you or someone you know may experience the effects of greening out at some point. Maybe you are a novice just starting out, or maybe one of your friends took too many edibles. Either way, having a plan in place will help you deal with this phenomenon and get you on the path to Pleasantville. Here are some tips should you need them:


  • The best offense is a good defense – Anyone who has watched football[1] knows that controlling the ball and remaining on offense in and of itself is a form of defense – it chews up clock and allows your defense and coaches to rest and put a plan in place for when the opponent has the ball. Well, I guess that is just a really long way of saying know yourself and go slow on your weed adventures. Know that edibles can take up to two hours to feel affects – you can always eat more edibles but you can’t un-eat them. Likewise, don’t go hit for hit with someone who may have a higher tolerance than you. Consuming marijuana isn’t a race and you don’t get first place for getting there quickly. Take your time and enjoy yourself. Also, be careful consuming alcohol and cannabis together. For some, even a glass of red wine may trigger an automatic green out. Know thyself.[2]


  • Relax and try and be calm – take slow and deep breaths. Your heart may be racing or you might feel sick but remember this too shall pass. This is as good a time as any to remember that you cannot smoke yourself to death. Remind yourself that the fear and paranoia is all in your head. Repeating a mantra such as “fear isn’t real” or “everything is fine, I am fine” may help you. A buddy may help someone who is greening out by reassuring them and assisting them to get in the right frame of mind.


  • Get to your “happy place” – just like in Happy Gilmore, your happy place can improve your outlook and lessen the impact of your symptoms. Unlike the movie, we are talking about a real, actual place. If your setting is bumming you out (too many people, everyone looks weird, etc.) and making your green out unbearable, get out of that setting. A nice couch with a funny, familiar movie or show might just be the cure for what ails ye. Whatever it is that makes you happy – video games, some music, maybe quiet – will help you on your journey.


  • Drink fluids and/or eat some fruit – whatever symptoms you are experiencing, dehydration will only exacerbate them. Drinking some water, fruit juice, or a sports drink will ensure you stay hydrated. You could also eat some fruit as well. Sugar from fruit and/or sports drinks may lessen your nausea and raise your blood sugar, as THC usage is associated with low blood sugar. Either way, it’s generally a good idea to drink things all the time. We need liquids to live my dreamer.


  • Increase CBD – It’s been theorized that a possible cause of anxiety and paranoia may be an imbalance of THC (too much) to CBD (too little) ratio in consumption. According to this long term medical study, CBD has a sedative effect. So keeping around some CBD edibles or a tincture could help you out in a jam, and definitely help with the tip below.


  • Sleep it off – if you can, sleep may be the best thing for the person greening out. A nice nap or an early bedtime will have the user waking up bright-eyed and bushy tailed or at the very least mostly recovered from their green out. If someone is experiencing nausea and feels as if they might vomit, lying on their side would be wise.


There you have it. If you or a friend should ever need it, the advice in this article could really make the best of a not-so-ideal situation. As always, be careful and safe when you imbibe and know your limits.

Have fun, and as always: Toke on Dreamers!



[1] We mean American football, but I suppose possessing the ball as long as possible would be a good strategy in footie (soccer), hockey, or basketball too. However. it is a uniquely terrible strategy in baseball.

[2] Consider any over the counter or prescription medications you may be taking too. Remember I am a weed blog guy not a Doctor guy. If you have questions you should ask a Doctor.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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