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New Cannabis Laws in Washington

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New Cannabis Laws in Washington

Weed Round Up: It’s OK to Smoke Weed With Your Friends in Washington Now


On May 16th, Governor Jay Inslee signed into law Senate Bill 5131 that made a myriad of changes to the state’s marijuana laws – both for recreational and medicinal use. This Omnibus bill had been waiting for his signature for a month now and marijuana advocates had been chomping at the bit[1] for Inslee’s pen to be put to paper. So, what do these new laws mean to you? Well, I guess we will let you decide! How are we supposed to know everything about you, anyway? Your favorite color is blue, right? Well, that was just a lucky guess. Below is a highlight of some key features and components of the bill:

  • It’s now legal to share weed with your friends: Believe it or not, the

original 2012 recreational law stated that it was illegal to share weed with your friends. Whether it was a joint, a bowl, a dab, or an edible sharing was not caring even among people who were both legal age. We never heard about Doo B getting arrested for sharing a doobie (or any other creature for that matter) but a fix was sorely needed because that’s just silly. The Mighty Diamonds would be proud.

  • Creation of an organic cannabis certification: The Liquor and Cannabis

Board (LCB) and the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) will partner to create a process to certify pot grown using similar standards to organic food. While private companies already do this, this law will create a state-regulated standard and label that consumers can look for. An important note is that the weed will be unable to be simply called “organic” because the feds control that word but nonetheless the state will find a way to communicate that without getting into trouble.

  • Stringent advertising rules: marijuana retailers will face more stringent

advertising as far as what they use to attract their customers to the store. So, this law affects us, and not you. Basically, Doo B. won’t be allowed to hang out on the road anymore. Sorry Doo B.[2]

  • Legalization of recreational home growing will be studied: All

recreational use states, other than Washington allow for home growing (those with a medical card are allowed to grow in the state, however). By December of this year, the LCB will release their findings and rulings related to a “grow your own” law. So be on the lookout for that around Christmas time.

  • WSDA and LCB will partner to consider industrial hemp production:

Hemp production is still illegal in WA State but the two WA governing bodies will consider changing that. If George Washington grew hemp, why can’t Washington State? Seems a fitting tribute – that or giving everyone in the state wooden dentures. Uhh …so let’s go with the hemp thing.


Well, that’s a good summary of the main highlights as they pertain to you, curious and thoughtful Agate Dreams customer and smart blog reader. There are many other interesting things relating to businesses, tribal oversight, and applications which you can read about in all their glory on the LCB site.  We try not to drone on about laws and other dry topics so we are going to make like Joey Gladstone and cut it out.

Toke on (with your dang friends) Dreamers!


[1] Side note: yes it’s champing at the bit. The saying comes from horse racing. You can say chomping if you want too though – who says you never learn anything about grammar from a weed blog?

[2] Doo B isn’t going anywhere. Don’t worry, he’s not going to get hit by a station wagon, go home with John Lithgow, or start selling dried beef. He’s our Doo B and you can pry us from our warm, stoned hands![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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