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Weed to the Airport?


Weed and Airports: Can You Bring Pot on a Plane?


            As Washington was on the forefront of marijuana several years ago, you likely never thought about transporting marijuana on a plane. However, with the recent legalization and decriminalization of marijuana across the United States, a host of questions might occur to you. Can I bring my stash to another state? What happens if I accidentally bring some marijuana in my bag (or on my person) to the airport? What about the train? Well, dear reader, we’ve got answers.


First thing’s first: the bad news. Whether you have it for medicinal or recreational purposes airports, planes, and airspaces are operated under federal law. Thus, by possessing marijuana in any of these spaces, you are breaking the law. In case you were wondering, transporting marijuana across state lines is a felony. As such, we here at Agate Dreams DO NOT recommend bringing pot on a plane. This goes triple if you are flying international. If you are traveling, just travel to another state that has legalized marijuana if you wanna get your green on (and tell them to come visit us when in Washington). If not, wait till you come back and stock up at Agate Dreams!


THAT BEING SAID… what happens if you show up with pot at an airport? Well, PROBABLY nothing[1]. TSA does not search for marijuana (they are more concerned with terrorism[2] and tiny bottles of liquid) and if drugs are found you will be referred to a local law enforcement officer. While marijuana is illegal in Colorado Airports, at Sea-Tac they just don’t care. Seriously, the Port of Seattle has not made a single pot related arrest. Are people getting away with it? Yeah. Does that mean you should try? No. However, it also means that TSA and local law enforcement are not looking for trace amounts of marijuana, not are they throwing the book at people if a stem or two falls out into your purse or backpack.


So what about trains? Well, Amtrak lovers, marijuana is also prohibited on the train via federal law. There have been some horror stories involving the Amtrak and asset forfeiture so we definitely wouldn’t think about bringing pot anywhere near a train. Someone may tell you they’ve gotten away with it, but getting away with it and being smart is an entirely different matter. We would hate to see anything bad happen to our customers!


There you have it folks. Don’t try and fly (or get on the train) with marijuana. You will find websites that tell you there is NO chance you will get caught, but we say this: Why risk it? Are you going to risk getting thrown in jail for a little extra fun? Of course, you aren’t! Enjoy your travels and drive directly to Agate Dreams when you come back. You will miss us, and trust us, pal: the feeling is mutual.

Toke on Dreamers

(but not at the airport or on a plane!).


[1] We are talking domestic flights only, here. If you are flying internationally you are subject to a whole host of additional screening and again just don’t try it. Also of note: just because someone says something PROBABLY won’t happen doesn’t mean it CAN’T happen. Keep this in mind.

[2] Those doggies at the airport are good doggies (as are all doggies). They are sniffing for bombs, not drugs.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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