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Hempfest Survival Guide

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Agate Dreams Guide to Surviving Hempfest

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If you’re a cannabis lover living in the Seattle area, you’re probably familiar with Hempfest. If you’re just hearing about it, welcome to the Party! Seattle is lucky enough to host the world’s largest cannabis rally every year at Myrtle Edwards Park! This year’s rally will be held August 19 through the 21st and will mark Agate Dreams’ first, but many of our experienced budtenders have been attending the festival for years! Since there are so many people new to the cannabis scene, and new to Hempfest, we thought we’d put together some tips to help other first timers enjoy the festival as much as possible!

1. Bring a Bag and Some Cash

If you’re in the market for a new piece or vaporizer, Hempfest is one of the best places to shop! The festival will be packed with booths selling all sorts of cannabis related merchandise and you’re probably going to want something. Don’t learn your lesson by watching your brand new 4-foot bong shatter on the asphalt. Just bring a bag to carry anything and everything you might want to take home.

2. Bring Water and Sunscreen

As long as you have a bag, pack some water and sunscreen in it as well. August is usually the hottest month of the year, and Myrtle Edwards Park is right on the Puget Sound with very little natural shade. It’s going to be sunny and hot, make sure you’re prepared. There will be food and refreshment vendors as well, but it’s always good to have backup water just in case.

3. Leave Your Pooch at Home

There are no pets allowed in the festival, so don’t bring them! Don’t leave them in your car while you attend either, as cars get extremely hot in the sun and can be very dangerous to anything living.

stoners and cops

4. Remember the Law

Hempfest is a very relaxed atmosphere when it comes to bud, but it’s important to remember you’re still in a public park. Consumption of any cannabis product is illegal in public, and even though it’s a very low-priority offense there will still be a police presence at the festival. Don’t even think about buying or selling any cannabis products there either; the sale of cannabis is only legal at licensed retail locations.

5. Pace Yourself

It is not legal or advisable to consume any cannabis products in public, but we know some of you will anyway. Whenever you’re consuming cannabis, it’s important to do so responsibly and never consume more than you can handle. This is doubly true if you’re going to be outside under the sun all day. Remember it’s not a race – kush is always better when savored!

6. Last and Most Importantly…

Visit us at the Agate Dreams booth! We’ll be at booth 427, with special surprises and vendor visits throughout the day. If you can’t find us, just look for the Squatch and he’ll lead you right to us. For anything else Hempfest or Cannabis related give us a shout on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, or Instagram!

We’ll see you at Hempfest, Dreamers!



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