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Strain Spotlight – Gorilla Glue

Gorilla Glue #4


Get Sticky with Gorilla Glue

Gorilla Glue #4

THC: 20.80%

CBD: 0.04%

Total Cannabinoids: 18.48%

Scent: a little sweet, a little fruity

Taste: Sweet and earthy

This week we’re spotlighting one of the most exciting new strains on the market, Gorilla Glue from Seattle’s Private Reserve. People are going ape for this hybrid, and once you have a puff you will too!

First Look

As expected of the top trending strain on Leafly of 2015, Seattle’s Private Reserve Gorilla Glue is a treat for the senses. We suspect the buds and leaves are a vivid green, but its hard to tell through the sticky coat of crystalline trichomes that coat the buds. The buds are not that tight, so it’s easy to tell that those trichomes are almost everywhere on the bud. For those of you who love keif, this strain can kick start your production in a hurry.

How it Smokes

As expected out of a gorilla, this strain packs a punch. It was a little harsh out of the bong, but the high that comes next is worth any amount of coughing. Despite smelling a little fruity, it tastes more earthy and sweet when smoked (at least through a bong). The Glue measures in a little lower than 20% cannabinoids, the high feels like you’re smoking something at least in the mid 20’s. Though it’s some strong stuff, it doesn’t feel like it sticks you to the couch. Rather than weighing you down, it gives you an uplifting, energizing high… Almost as if there’s a gorilla inside you telling you to get out there and connect with the world around you!

Now that you’ve heard what we think, we want to know what you like about this bud! Try Gorilla Glue for yourself and let us know what you think on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. For more info on Seattle’s Private Reserve or any other product we carry, visit our website.

Toke on, Dreamers!



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