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Lemony Skikitz & Legit Gold!

Don't let this amazing deal slip away! Hamma Hamma has already sold out, and the next crowd favorite, Lemony Skikitz, is up next. And don't forget the exciting news! Legit Golds' 1g and .7 gram Minis are now back in stock!

Afraid you will miss out on a great deal? You probably should, Hamma Hamma has already sold out and another crowd favorite is next, Lemony Skikitz! We buy bulk upfront to pass along the saving to to! That means that means you get $60 value for $40 off 1g of high quality, solventless rosin!

When it comes to choosing a strain, opting for a solventless variety is a decision that you won’t regret like Lemony. Solventless extraction methods utilize mechanical or water-based techniques to preserve the integrity of the plant’s compounds, resulting in a product that truly reflects its natural qualities. Check it out if you don’t believe us.

Legit Golds 1g and .7 gram Minis are back in stock!

These prerolls are crafted using meticulously trimmed, glass-cured flowers cultivated at their world-class facility. Infused with bubble hash and shatter, they are the perfect balance – flavorful, powerful, and truly exceptional.These pre rolls are gaining in popularity!

Introducing Rainbow!

An Indica-Dominant hybrid that’s both potent and euphoric. Known for inducing bliss, relaxation, and an increased appetite, this giggly and tingly strain is truly remarkable. With THC levels ranging from 17-22%, this strain is a delightful blend of Blueberry and Dancehall. Named for its striking multi-colored buds, Rainbow offers a fruity candy aroma and taste. Experience the difference when premium indoor flower meets potent solvent-free hash in our LEGIT prerolls.


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