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Marijuana Trends: Part 2

Marijuana Trends Part 2

Marijuana and Popular Culture

Periodically, we like to keep our customers updated with the status of marijuana in popular culture. As we have previously written, pop culture is a great indicator of how attitudes toward marijuana use is shifting. Across America, the use of weed is becoming more accepted. The stigmatization is going the way of the dinosaur, the dodo bird, and Jnco jeans. Below are some news items that reflect this change

Cannabis article featured in Vogue Magazine

The September issue of Vogue magazine features and article entitled “How to Throw a Cannabis-Infused Dinner Party.” Vogue has long been one of the most important magazines in popular culture in the US and around the globe. As its founder Gloria Steinem once said, “Pop Culture shapes our ideas of what’s normal.” The article features recipes and tips from its writer as well as drug-counselor-turned-chef Andrea Drummer. Within, Drummer explains her journey from an anti-marijuana counselor to a staunch advocate to global legalization. The article is amazing and important. Vogue is read by 1 in 10 women in America and is popular around the globe. It’s role as a trendsetter in America is nearly unparalleled, and the article is a reflection of just how far we have come from the demon weed mentality of a few decades ago.

“Martha and Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party” receives Emmy nomination

Speaking of cannabis dinner parties, the beloved VH1 Series picked up a nomination in the “Host for a Reality/Reality Competition Program.” The show features celebrities being wined and dined by Snoop and Stewart with some 420-friendly recipes and banter. The show is produced by Snoop’s production and lifestyle company Merry Jane. In Leafly, Merry Jane Co-founder Ted Chung was quoted as saying, “It’s an honor to receive the cannabis industry’s first Emmy nomination.” Merry Jane has more shows in the works, including sitcoms and an interview show called “Talking Buds” hosted by Seth Rogen.

“A Republican, Democrat, and Independent Smoke Weed Together” goes viral

The web series “Strange Buds” produced by Cut put out the aforementioned video which had over 1.25 million views in 5 days. The popular series, which features unlikely couplings smoking weed, brought together three people with different political views. Initially, things are testy. However, the three find common ground the more they smoke. In this touchy political climate, the 8 minute clip has an important message. While we have our differences, it’s important to work them out together. Also a little marijuana can make the world a better place. Food for thought!

The world is changing, and thankfully we are seeing positive reflections of marijuana in popular culture. While we may have a ways to go before marijuana is accepted by everyone, we’ve come a long way. As staunch advocates for legalization and responsible usage, recent trends give us hope that with destigmatization of marijuana comes change that allows for recreational use across America and the globe. As always, dear readers, thanks for stopping by. We are thankful for your business and for taking some time out of your busy day to visit us. Toke on Dreamers!

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