How Does RSO Compare to Other Extracts?


We are Huge Fans of RSO extracts, and here’s why:

First, you need to understand what makes each type of concentrate different.


What did he say!?

Bryan is discussing the process of extracting THC. Through these processes, solvents are used to remove compounds – resulting in a concentrated form of cannabinoids. Concentrates can come in a wide variety of forms including oil, shatter, wax, etc. As you learn more about cannabis, and your preferences for consuming, the process will indicate what to expect when purchasing concentrates.


One of the biggest factors setting RSO apart from concentrates, like BHO and Co2, is the terpene profile. This process typically uses a grain alcohol to slowly extract the terpenes and cannabinoids, resulting in a full bodied terpene profile. Since terpenes are the factor that determines the scent, flavor, and physical effects, RSO takes full advantage of the plant’s beneficial properties while also providing a more robust flavor.