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Name Squatch – Win a Bong!


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Name Squatch – Win a Bong!

We need your help naming the most lovable character in cannabis – our very own Squatch. We’re holding a contest to find the best name. You can enter the naming contest at Agate Dreams through October 25th. The winner of the contest will receive a bong!

Squatch doesn’t just need a name – he wants one! He even prepared a bio for you to get to know him better:[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

I am a smart, funny Sasquatch of unknown age, gender, or origin looking for a name. As you can see I am passionate about cannabis and cannabis related products. Other likes: standing on different objects, long walks in the woods, howling for unspecified reasons, hanging out at Agate Dreams, and searching dank memes. Turn offs: implying that I liked dried meats, paleontologists, hunters, and shoes that run narrow. PLEASE: I NEED A NAME!

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