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Why is my weed purple?

Have you ever wondered why some strains of weed are purple? Discover the fascinating science behind purple weed, including the role of anthocyanins, genetics, maturation, and environmental factors. Learn why certain strains exhibit this vibrant color and whether it affects the potency or effects of the cannabis.

The Science Behind Purple Weed: Anthocyanins, Genetics, and Environmental Factors

Being the intellectually curious cannabis consumer you are, you’ve probably wondered a great many things about the diversity of product offered to you. Such wondering can lead to hesitance or even fear. To conquer this you can become informed – a knower of things.

Well be prepared to be a knower to this question:

Why is my weed purple?

Weed is purple because of Anthocyanins. Anthocyanins are water-soluble molecules called flavonoids that are present in most plants including leaves, fruits, and flowers. Their presence influences the color or hue of the plant. While marijuana is known for its greenish color because of chlorophyll, some strains of cannabis have the genetic potential to produce anthocyanins that cause the plant and buds to turn purple.

So certain strains are always going to be purple?

Not exactly. In the past, purpling of cannabis was caused by the plant being exposed to cold or harsh conditions typically in the fall in temperate climates. Through selective breeding, some strains now express the purple hue in normal conditions. However, for these strains, the expression of this color typically happens in the last few weeks of its flowering period. Like most other strains, the plant typically stays green through much of its lifespan. However, after its maturation, some strains will stop producing chlorophyll and produce more anthocyanins which cause your weed to get purple.

So that’s why my weed is purple!

Yeah, it’s anthocyanins, genetics, maturation, and environmental factors making your weed purple. While purple cannabis is all the rage, you might also see blue and red flowers as well. These color variances are caused by anthocyanins as well.

Is purple weed stronger?

While color-cannabis looks awesome there is no reason to believe it is any stronger or weaker because of the color. It’s best to consult the experts at Agate Dreams for any questions related to the potency or effects of certain strains or products.

Toke On Dreamers!
-The Dream Team


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