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Potlandia: What We Would Put in Our Weed Oasis

Potlandia: What We Would Put in Our Weed Oasis

You’ve probably heard about a cannabis company buying a town to build a weed oasis by now. If not, here’s a brief rundown: American Green, Inc. literally bought Nipton, CA. The tiny town (population 20) 60 miles outside of Las Vegas was bought for a cool five million dollars. The company that bought it would like to turn it into a “weed oasis“. Their vision is a town to produce cannabis products as well as a “cannabis-friendly hospitality destination.” The second part is what we are going to talk about today. What should be in a “cannabis-friendly hospitality destination” or Pot Town, USA?

  • A concert venue in the center of town: this goes without saying. Weed and music go together. Live music is even better! In our pot paradise we’d love daily concerts. Maybe you could do different music every day… we aren’t trying to be greedy but imagine you and your friends chillin on the grass with a few tasty treats while someone jammed away on a keytar. Nice![1]
  • A 420-friendly health spa: 420 Yoga classes offered around the clock. An exercise room where you could get a pump or some cardio in. A room where they offer Swedish massage with CBD and THC oils. Man, I am already relaxed thinking about it.
  • An art studio: we’ve talked before about cannabis and creativity. Think about the possibilities – pottery, sculpture, ADULT FINGERPAINTING. You know you want to fingerpaint, you miss those days. Put on a smock and paint a cute little doggy. Speaking of doggies….
  • A dog park: this has nothing to do with weed really. We just really love dogs. Dogs are great and couldn’t you just watch them play for hours? Pet them and tell them they are good doggies? What would any oasis be without dogs?
  • A bakery: a business that makes both weed and non-cannabis versions of tasty treats so we can pig out to our hearts content would certainly rank high on our list. Stoned gingerbread men, canna-apple fritters, and magic brownies we could get there and to go.
  • Eateries and more eateries: the munchies are real and they can strike at any time. Sometimes we need a good old fashioned meal like the ones momma used from a 24-hour diner. Other times, we might want to hit up a taco truck for some grab and munch tacos. Lastly, if we are going to embrace #treatyoself we’d need award winning chefs making mouthwatering meals that entice our tastebuds.
  • Nap Rooms: sometimes you need a place where you can lie down. Wouldn’t it be great if there were places all around town where you could catch a few Zs?
  • Agate Dreams: what would a weed paradise be without our knowledgeable budtenders?

What do you think of our list? Do you think we left something out? Let us know on Facebook! Toke on Dreamers!

[1] We are talking real musicians here, not drum circle tomfoolery. Free joke: What is the most annoying shape? Answer: A drum circle. Sorry!


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