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Unleash the Ultimate Vaporizer: Discover the Superiority of Pax 2

Experience the pinnacle of smoking devices with the Pax 2. Its sleek design, clean vapor, easy maintenance, and exceptional performance make it the best choice in the market. Join the Pax 2 revolution and enhance your cannabis enjoyment.
Pax 2

The Vaporizer of our Dreams: Pax 2

When it comes to smoking devices, the best pieces not only let you enjoy your weed, but actually make the experience better. When it comes to loose leaf vaporizers, no device we’ve tried comes close to the Pax 2. While other companies may have offered their vaporizers first, the Pax 2 is indisputably the best on the market. If you haven’t tried one of these for yourself, you are missing out!

Simple, Elegant, Efficient

For those not familiar, loose-leaf vaporizers typically operate in similar ways. Cannabis is loaded into a metal or ceramic oven, where the weed is heated to just below combustion temperature. That’s the way the Pax 2 works as well, but while other devices are often bulky, the Pax 2 has an elegant and accessible design. The streamlined feel of the device allows it to fit comfortably into any hand or pocket. (Caution, ensure the Pax is cool before putting it in your pocket!).

Loading and Vaping

Loading the pax

To load your Pax, just pop the magnetic lid off the oven and load your ground up bud. After you replace the lid and press the top button, you’re ready to vape the cleanest tasting bud you’ve ever experienced! We recommend a bud with a distinct and delicious flavor for your first session, something like Noble Farms Blueberry or Falcanna Dutch Haze. You’ll be amazed how much cleaner and flavorful your weed is, especially if you normally use a pipe.



The ease of maintenance gives the Pax 2 a major advantage over any other device on the market. Instead of multiple tubes with bends, nooks and crannies; the Pax 2 is built around one pipe connecting the oven to the mouthpiece. Cleaning it is as simple as flossing a pipe cleaner and some isopropyl alcohol down through the mouthpiece to the oven. No soaking or scrubbing required!



The Pax 2 is not the cheapest vaporizer on the market. However, that’s for good reason – This product is simply the best of its kind on the market. Invest in a Pax 2 and you will not regret your purchase.

The Pax 2 is one of our favorite new ways to enjoy cannabis, but we want to hear from you! Did you love it as much as we did? let us know what you think on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or Instagram. For more info on any other product we carry, visit our website.

Toke on, Dreamers!


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