Falcanna Dutch Haze – Strain Spotlight

Falcanna Dutch Haze


Falcanna Dutch Haze: Focused and Creative

 Falcanna Dutch Haze

Hybrid: 90% Sativa – 10% Indica

THC: 23.8%

CBD: 0.21%

Total Cannabinoids: 24.4%

Scent: Pungent, Sharp, Earthy

Flavor: Sweet, Earthy


This week we’re spotlighting Dutch Haze from Falcanna, one of our favorite new cannabis brands. Since it’s a 90% sativa hybrid, we expected to get a nice uplifting high. After roasting a bowl we were feeling lifted and so much more!


The First Look

The first thing you notice when you open the bag is how pungent this bud is. If you don’t want your room to smell like pungent earthy weed, you’ll definitely want to break out the air-tight jar. The nugs are large and frosted with clusters of light red hairs. It’s also some of seriously sticky bud, this strain is the definition of sticky-icky.

How it Smoked

One of the best parts of sticky bud is how slow it burns, and Dutch Haze is no different. It tastes a little sweeter than it smells, which gives it a wonderfully sweet and earthy flavor. One of our favorite things about smoking it is how it holds that fresh taste even after the a couple of hits. Although it has haze in it’s name, it doesn’t produce a hazy high as much as a focused and creative high. If you’re artistically inclined, Dutch Haze is the perfect strain to smoke and immerse yourself in a creative project. Even if you’re not creating something, the high from Dutch Haze is ideal for focusing on whatever you’re doing while making it even more enjoyable.


Now that you’ve heard what we think, we want to know what you like about this bud! Try Dutch Haze from Falcanna for yourself and let us know what you think on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or Instagram. For more info on any other product we carry, visit our website.

Toke on, Dreamers!



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