RSO: Cannabis 201

RSO: Cannabis 201

Have you noticed the thick, dark, oil labeled RSO at Agate Dreams? Well, if you’re an experienced cannabis user and are interested in finding new ways to experience our products, you may want to give this a whirl!

What is RSO?

RSO is an extremely potent form of marijuana extract, which means the cannabinoids (THC and CBD) are extracted from the cannabis plant. Due to its high percentage of THC, this product would best be used by seasoned users.

Why is it called RSO?

RSO is short for Rick Simpson Oil. Rick Simpson is the man who popularized this specific method of cannabinoid extraction. RSO, also referred to as “Phoenix Tears,” is created and sold by many local manufacturers.

How is it Made?

While there are a variety of ways to extract cannabinoids, RSO is created by washing and soaking cannabis in a solvent (either naptha or isopropyl alcohol). By applying the mixture to heat, eventually you are left with the gooey, sticky brown material known as RSO.

How is RSO Different from Other Cannabis Extracts?

Unlike other extraction methods, RSO production utilizes the entire plant and captures and activates a large amount of cannabinoids. Using alcohol to extract the essential oils and cannabinoids of the whole plant really lets you taste and experience the strain. C02 and BHO extracts are made with different methods and solvents, and some users may favor RSO for the simplicity of the extraction methods. However, the best way to know which one you may prefer is to try them all!

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