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Staying Productive with Cannabis

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How to smoke cannabis and still be productive.


It would be amazing if you could just smoke weed and play video games or watch television all day. Well, unless you’re the heir to some chain-store fortune or you created an extremely lucrative app with flying birds… you have things to do. Maybe you need to rearrange your silverware drawer. Maybe you need to clean your room because you aren’t a disgusting teenager. I don’t know what you have to do, because I’m not your boss, YOU are your boss (on the weekend at least!). Why am I on this tangent? It’s because you have things to do! You still want to smoke though, because that’s fun. You just have things to accomplish. So how can you make sure you stay productive when you are smoking? Well, we here at Agate Dreams put together this handy guide for you to follow when you want to unwrap and unwind, but also want to get things done:

1) Make a list

Making to-do lists is just good practice. That goes double when you are smoking weed. Have specific goals and set phone reminders to help you stay on task so you don’t end up looking at cute puppy pics on Instagram or Facebook stalking people from high school.


2) Pick the Right Strain

It’s probably not a good idea to smoke an indica-dominant strain in the morning when you need energy to power you through the day’s chores. You would be best off pairing your strain’s desired effects with the activity (or activities) of your choice. When used correctly, marijuana can help you relax, get creative, provide an energy boost, or even reduce the potential for distraction. When in doubt, stick to strains lower in THC that are sativa-dominant.


3) Pair with caffeine

Many of us already rely on caffeine in the morning or before a work out. A cup of coffee, tea, or an energy supplement can help increase focus and alertness while negating some of the sedative effects of pot. Some evidence even suggests that coffee may even help you feel some of the effects of cannabis longer.


4) Control the Munchies

Many of us crave fast food or other bad-for-you treats when we are smoking. RESIST THE URGE!!! These foods will make your crash, suck your energy, and derail your day. Instead, eat small meals and focus on eating healthy foods like fruits, veggies, and nuts that will give you the energy you need to stay on task.


5) Decide When to Smoke (and how much)

You know your body and how you respond to marijuana best. Some people can write or read when consuming cannabis while others can only do so sober. Consuming too much could interfere with any plans you had at being productive. Start with light usage. You might stink at some tasks and succeed at others. If you are worried use marijuana as a reward, a treat you give yourself for a job well done.


6) Keep Moving and Don’t Make Excuses

It’s possible that smoking may make you a little less motivated than usual. However, if you keep moving and refuse to make excuses you can get things done. Don’t let yourself get derailed for dumb reasons. Don’t sit down and say “I’m just gonna relax for 15 minutes.” Stay task oriented and use the tips above to keep you moving toward your goal. Don’t let yourself go astray. Get things done THEN reward yourself with more cannabis. This is what is known as a double win (by me, who thought of it just now). It’s double win time, baby!


Toke on, Dreamers!




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