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Marijuana Trends

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Marijuana and Popular Culture: Hot Trends in 2017


Weed has come a long way, baby. When you were in college, weed culture was a dreadlocked banana that had red eyes or a shirt with a stupid alien on it that was smoking a joint. It’s not the 1990s or early 2000s anymore. You don’t have to smoke in that guy’s apartment anymore with all the black lights, the music is too loud and there is a kid playing with a butterfly knife for some reason. You are an adult now and dare I say a pretty good one. You can dress yourself and you mostly eat food that doesn’t come out of a microwave. If someone started playing with a knife in front of you know, you would say “hey, put that away I’m not looking to get stabbed today” or something else to voice your displeasure. You yearn for more from marijuana culture.

Well guess what: the culture has grown with you. As marijuana has become more accepted, the culture around marijuana has grown up as well. Sure, you can still see plenty of stoned aliens but there is more to appeal to you: mature, sophisticated pot fan. Here are some of the trends that should appeal to you:


1) Depiction of marijuana in quality television: Obviously the excellent show Weeds was a forerunner here. However, the themes and plot of that show seems dated in 2017. HBO’s High Maintenance is a well developed show that centers on a weed delivery guy in New York that is much more interesting than that description sounds. Trust me, it’s a good watch. The very funny Broad City features two characters who are very 420-friendly without falling into too many of the stoner clichés that make us roll our eyes. In addition, Viceland produces Bong Appetit, a marijuana and food themed reality show that will have you salivating. Netflix is also producing a show called Disjointed featuring Kathy Bates that should debut on Netflix sometime this year. While stereotypes about marijuana and its users are still common tropes in hacky sitcoms, it’s refreshing to see more realistic depictions of users in quality programming. Here is to seeing more in the future.


2) Cannabis Weddings: drinking at weddings is a long storied tradition (note: not all the stories are good). Well with legalization, pot has finally been a feature in weddings with marijuana toasts and pot boutonnières. While some squares have scoffed at the idea, pictures of cannabis weddings have made their rounds showing the grace and elegance behind the ceremonies and festivities. Who wouldn’t want to attend one of these shindigs? We’d definitely RSVP with a resounding yes.


3) Weed Fashions: marijuana is making its way into high fashion, if you will pardon the pun. A banner moment for marijuana occurred when Margot Robbie wore an Alexander Wang dress festooned with cannabis designs for the 42nd premiere of NBC’s Saturday Night Live. In the past year or so, our favorite plant has been featured on runways, been sported by countless celebrities, and has become the star of popup fashion shows in trendy fashion enclaves. This transformation has been nothing short of remarkable and has laid waste to the unfair stereotypes of the “stoner” that were previously pervasive in American culture. Speaking of fashion, why don’t you meander over here and check out the NW-inspired threads you can rock courtesy of your favorite store in the world?


4) Social Media: despite lame attempts by some social media outlets and other web giants to limit our industry cannabis culture is flourishing on social media, particularly Instagram. Whether you are into close-ups of buds, beautiful glass, or crazy creations there are a myriad of accounts to fuel your cannabis fantasies. While you are at it, check us out on the Instagram and Facebook to peep our newest products, great photography, smokin’ deals, and contests. We aren’t one to toot our own horns too much, but we are pretty great.


Thanks for reading, and as always toke on Dreamers![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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