Weed and Hangovers

Does Weed Cure Hangovers?


We here at Agate Dreams prefer green over the brown bottle… Cannabis is not nearly as dangerous or as detrimental to your health as excess drinking. If you are going to drink, we suggest you do so in moderation. THAT BEING SAID, most of us have experienced the brown bottle flu a few times. You know the scenario: You’re hanging out with a pal and you have one IPA too many and the next morning you feel like death warmed over. For as long as there has been alcohol, people have been looking for a cure for the dreaded hangover and are willing to try some weird and down right disgusting things in pursuit of that goal. AND YOU, dear reader, are also in pursuit of that goal in reading this article right now. Hi. Anyway, let’s get on with the topic of the day: Can you cure a hangover with marijuana?

First off, let’s state the obvious: there is no full cure for a hangover other than time and hydration. Hangovers are caused by 1) dehydration and 2) the fact that alcohol is a poison that wrecks havoc on the systems in your body. Once you are able to flush all that poison out and properly hydrate, the hangover will be gone. However, that could take hours. In the meantime, you are stuck with a hangover. We know the symptoms, and a totally scientific poll I conducted just now by talking to myself concluded that the two worst ones are headache and nausea. Well good news: I know something that can help with hangover symptoms, and we have it here. That famous plant we all know and love: cannabis.

Let’s start with headaches. Marijuana has anti-inflammatory properties that help with the pain. People often take medicine like ibuprofen when they have a headache. That drug is an NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug) and reduces inflammation of the head and neck muscles, which is believed to be a cause of tension headaches. Well effects of marijuana can give you the same feeling of relaxation, but without some of the side effects like stomach irritation that is common with NSAIDs. Studies are just starting to be done in relation to headaches and marijuana – the results thus far have been promising.

Often, people’s least favorite hangover symptom is nausea. This is where pot really shines. It is well known that marijuana can ease nausea, help settle a sick stomach and stimulate your appetite. Thus, not only will you be able to keep your food down you will also be able to eat. That should give you the energy and the fuel your body needs to get you on your way to beating the hangover. Who would have thought that a little relaxation and the munchies could help with your hangover?

Next you will need some rest and to drink some fluids… well guess what? Marijuana can help you with the sleep part as well! Just down a few glasses of water and you are well on your way to beating that hangover

So does marijuana cure a hangover? Well, no. However, marijuana can alleviate some of the worst hangover symptoms and aid you in getting some sustenance and rest – two things needed to beat that hangover. While we still suggest that you drink in moderation to avoid the dreaded hangover, know that your little green friend WILL be there for you in your darkest hour after a little over indulgence. So as we always say, toke on Dreamers!