Time to say goodbye… | Last $99 Ounces

The sad day has finally arrived but we’ve convinced the team to give us more time to say goodbye. Join us in saying farewell to our beloved ounce savings that started it all. Starting today, we’ll be offering our $99 Ounces and $60 Half-Ounces until they’re out – even if that means we’re going through the weekend! If you can’t make it today, there may still be hope tomorrow. Check our menu or call ahead to find out!

$99 Ounces | $60 Half-Ounces
Berry #1
Dark Angel
Kimbo Kush
Lemon Cookies
Pie Face
Skunk #1

$150 Ounces
Durban Poison
Early Silver
Pineapple Express

$160 Ounces | $85 Half-Ounces
Chem Dawg
Gorilla Glue*
Purple Dawg*
*only available as ounces

Strains available only while supplies last