Turn that frown upside down… | Clearance Sale!

Saying goodbye to a friend like the $99 ounce is hard, so let us make up for it with some savings on other brands.

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Mammoth Labs • Flower
Hood Canal • RSO
Tilted • Biscotti Pebbles & Cookies Supreme Flower
House of Cultivar
DNA Gardens • Flower & Prerolls
Hashteroidz | Temple Balls | Cascade Cream Hash

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while supplies last

Top Shelf • Dabs
Cake Cannabis
Puget Power
The High Point • Flower & Dabs
Outback Bud Co • Flower & Prerolls
Pagoda • Ounces & Prerolls
Avitas • Flower
Hurricane Cannabis
Sitka • Hash

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WithIt Weed • Infused Prerolls