Which Team Are You On?

Flower sales are slowing down across the board but it may not be a bad thing! In fact, signs point to people exploring new methods of consumption – preferring concentrates and edibles! Some reports are showing drops as significant as 40 to 50% decreases in flower sales in a single year, according to the popular cannabis news site MassRoots. “Simply rolling up a joint or packing a bowl are no longer enough for consumers. According to many reports, demand for flower, the actual buds of plant matter, has dropped from 90% at the start of 2016 to 65% at the end of the same year.”[1]

With the industry in full swing in Washington for 5 years now, it comes as no surprise that companies are coming up with new and enticing ways to consume. As innovations continue though, there will always be a place for the OG star of the show – flower. 

The Ultimate Guide to Cannabis

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Best Marijuana Strains for Parties

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