Will Topicals Make Me Fail a Drug Test?

Will Topicals Make Me Fail a Drug Test?

It’s a shame that this is a concern in 2018. However, many of us still have to worry about drug screens despite their recent decline in popularity. For those looking for medicinal benefits from cannaboinds but are unable to ingest it, topicals are a popular choice, particularly for pain relief. While topicals are non-psychoactive, concerns still exist for some users of trace amounts of THC showing up on their urine analysis test. Should there be reasons for concern?

Since cannabinoids applied topically do not enter the bloodstream, there should be no concerns about passing a standard urine analysis drug test. To be on the safe side, however, you should follow these precautions:

  • Avoid contact with eyes or mouth with topicals – contact with your eyes and mouth can result in accidental ingestion or absorption that will be delivered to your bloodstream.
  • Wash your hands after applying or wear gloves – nail biting or consuming food with topical on your hands could result in ingestion.
  • Avoid bathing immediately after application – this could cause the topical to get into your bathwater and to be absorbed into your system or accidentally ingested. It’s a good rule of thumb to apply the topical after the bath to be on the safe side.

While psychoactive effects or meaningful ingestion of topicals via the methods listed above are extremely unlikely, they are absolutely precautions that one should take if something like employment depends on it. Also, users should be mindful of the difference between topicals (non-psychoactive) and transdermal patches (psychoactive, they work similarly to nicotine patches).

Hopefully, this post puts your mind at ease, Dreamers. Whether you have to to be screened or not, come to talk to our knowledgeable and friendly budtenders about what topicals may be beneficial for you! Topical on, Dreamers!

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