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The Worst Marijuana Themed Halloween Costumes

The Worst Marijuana Themed Halloween Costumes

Halloween is the perfect time to break up the monotony and routines we adults fall into. Halloween isn’t just for kids! With the legalization of marijuana, many adults are turning to their favorite plant for inspiration. There are many great pot-themed Halloween costumes. There are also many that aren’t so great. In fact, they are ugly, tacky, or downright horrid. That’s why we here at Agate Dreams are going to provide you with a great service – a two-part series on Halloween costumes for adults!

First, we are going to hit you with the bad. Why start bad? Well, it’s often more fun to rip the bad costumes- that’s why. No need to explain anymore. Without further ado, here are the real stinkers – the worst 420 friendly Halloween costumes!

  1. Nurse Anita Reefer Costume – Sexy marijuana nurse? It’s like something a malfunctioning costume idea generator would come up with. Come on, it’s 2017! You can dress up as a great many clever or real things. Not all costumes have to be sexy! What’s next a sexy poop emoji? GOSH DARN, THAT’S REAL TOO!
  2. Rasta Dreadlocks Hat – There are many marijuana-themed costumes that rely on explicit references to Rastafarianism. Come on, you’re better than this. Not only is this costume lazy, derivative, and contrived but it’s also culturally insensitive. Other people’s cultures should never be your costume.
  3. Weed Man Costume Kit – While we think you could definitely do something with a weed smoking superhero, this costume is super lame. Take away the pot references, and this guy looks like the name of his superhero is Momma’s Good Boy. A better name for this costume would be Super Pot Goofus. Just make your own costume if you wanna go that route.
  4. Ghoulish Weed Mask – This mask is hideous. It’s seriously nightmare fuel. In addition, the reviews for this mask says that you can’t wear it for more than 10 minutes at a time, can’t smoke or vape in it and it “pokes you in the eyes.” Well, I guess that settles it.
  5. Totally Baked PotatoCome on man. A stoned potato? Why does the potato have human eyes? They already have a cut out for your head! Now the Potato has two sets of eyes! I mean technically potatoes can have eyes, just not that kind.
  6. “Pot for Tots” Baby Marijuana Costume – No. Please don’t do this. We shouldn’t have to explain to you why you shouldn’t dress your baby like that. I mean it’s your baby so go ahead, but don’t expect people to share your sense of humor.
  7. Any variation of “Pothead” that involves putting a flower pot on your head – This joke’s been played out. Maybe this costume was the bee’s knees in the 1920s, but we aren’t dancing the Charleston anymore, pops. Wanna you do pot puns on Halloween? Aim a little higher (speaking of puns!)

We know our readers, clever and wicked smart, would never engage in any of the 420 Halloween faux pas above. But what if you need some good ideas? Stay tuned, Dreamers, as we are going to hit you with the BEST Marijuana themed Halloween costumes next! Until then, toke on Dreamers!


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