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The Best Marijuana Themed Halloween Costumes

The Best Marijuana Themed Halloween Costumes

It’s that time of year, when adults can dress up as something out of the ordinary. Our last post, we covered the worst pot-themed Halloween costumes. We got the bad out of the way first. Now it’s time to cover the best! Generally, these run the gauntlet from the iconic to the creative. Do you want to wow your friends on this day – the dressiest of dress-up days? We suggest this list below:

  1. Cheech and Chong – Yes it’s been done a thousand times before but who doesn’t love Cheech and Chong? The famous stoner comedy duo had several iconic looks. You can’t go wrong if you grab a friend and dress up as the titular duo from the movies. BONUS: find another pair and have them dress up as the Bong Bros from a different movie! You’ll be taking photos all night!
  2. Quintessential Marijuana-Using Celebrities – As a bonus, we are going to go for a twofer here. A) Hunter Thompson: The legendary author loved marijuana and dressing as him (or Raoul Duke’s companion Gonzo in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas) can be as simple as a trip to the thrift store. B) Willie Nelson: Here’s another famous stoner that is a hit at parties. If you can score braids and a bandana or a cowboy hat you are 90% of the way there.
  3. The Zig Zag guy One of our favorite costumes we found online was the Zig Zag man. We think this costume speaks for itself. It’s familiar enough that everyone will recognize it and could be relatively easy to do with some paint and a little creativity.
  4. Your Favorite Marijuana Strain – In 2015 Leafly staffers dressed as their favorite buds for Halloween. Although you might need to explain your costume, the possibilities are endless. Do you love Alien Candy or Chemdawg? Use it for inspiration! It could be a great conversation starter!
  5. Green Pot Ranger – Not all of us are super crafty and can make our costumes. So here’s an easy one for you. Buy a “green ranger” body suit. Slap a few pot leaf stickers on it and you got yourself a costume! This works on any superhero costume. Let’s face it; all superheroes would be cooler if they smoked pot. Bluntman. Stonerman. Again, please don’t buy this.
  6. Budtender – We love our budtenders! We are sure you do too! What better way to show your love than with a Halloween tribute! We’ll let you use your imagination as to what that would look like! Go nuts!

We hope this list helped you out! Remember, this list isn’t supposed to be the end all be all of the costumes. Have fun and be creative and the possibilities are endless! We are hoping to see some awesome costumes, and we hope you will share them with us on social media! Toke on dreamers!


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