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The Pot-laced Halloween Candy Myth

The Pot-laced Halloween Candy Myth

Every Halloween we are bombarded with the same warning. It may be on Facebook, the local news, or smeared across a billboard. The warning goes something like this: bad people may give your children pot candy for Halloween. You should scour your children’s bags for pot-laced goodies which may be hard to tell from regular candy. In these warnings, villains are giving pot candy to children for reasons that are never made clear. Well, as you might have guessed, this is a myth fueled by anti-pot hysteria.

To be clear, Agate Dreams thinks any cannabis products should be consumed by people 21 years of age or older. If you give someone drugs unknowingly (especially children) you are a terrible person and you should go to jail. That being said, there have been zero documented cases of children eating marijuana-laced Halloween candy. You are more likely to get Ebola from Halloween candy than get pot candy. The pot-laced myth is just an updated version of the trick or treat myths we heard as kids –that your candy was laced with poison or razor blades. Unfortunately, it’s a myth that won’t die. Every year, the cycle begins and ends with zero reported cases.

As a parent, you should always inspect your child’s Halloween candy and throw out anything that looks unusual or has been tampered with. This should be done not out of fear that your neighbor will spend hundreds of dollars to distribute pot-candy but because that’s just good parenting. At Agate Dreams and other dispensaries, edibles come in packages that look nothing like the packages of store-bought candy. It would be very difficult to confuse the two. That being said you should always keep your own edibles hidden and out of the reach of children.

Here is one tip: you should always eat some of your kids Halloween candy just to make sure, especially the kinds you like the best. Halloween can be an adult holiday too! After you have some of your child’s candy, you deserve a grown-up treat. An Agate Dreams treat! Put the kids to bed, put on your favorite scary movie, and toke on Dreamers! Happy Green Halloween!


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