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Is Marijuana Good for Relationships?


Is Marijuana Good for Relationships?

            Do couples that toke together stay together? There has been a slew of articles published on the topic from colloquial tales of couples bonding over weed, to explanations of how the science of weed can help relationships, to actual studies that all come to the same conclusions: weed can be good for couples. Here at Agate Dreams, we think anything that makes couples happy and healthy is a good thing, so we thought we would examine some of the claims people are making and give you our take.

Does pot decrease the likelihood of domestic violence? According to a 2014 study, rates of domestic violence were lower if one of the couples smoked pot 2-3 times a month and were lowest when both couples smoke. We’d never go as far as to say something as simple as smoking pot could eradicate something like domestic violence, but there is an interesting correlation there given that many marijuana strains have a calming effect. We’d like to see more studies done on this topic, but any reduction of domestic violence would be a good thing.[1]

Does marijuana help with romance? We’ve seen many studies that seem to suggest that marijuana can be a performance enhancer in the romance department. We totally get it. In fact, we’ve written a few blogs on the topic in the past. We are totally in favor of bonding romantically with the aid of cannabis or cannabis products. Give it a whirl. Thank us later.

Are relationships stronger when couples smoke pot? Is it true that couples who smoke are less likely to fight and are more loyal to each other than non-smokers? Possibly! According to a study done by, couples who use cannabis are less likely to cheat and are generally more moral and considerate than the rest of the population. Cannabis also has anti-anxiety properties which can also reduce fights caused by anxiety. We think there is something to this claim. I mean we have the most awesome customers in the world, right?

Our take: we’ve heard and read many stories about couples who have bonded over cannabis. We think that is awesome. Our modern lives are so filled with modern stresses that are financial, job related, etc. that we think anything you and your loved one can do together is a 100% positive thing. The world needs more love, and love starts at home. If cannabis can strengthen your bond, that is a beautiful thing, and from where we are sitting it appears that it has already happened for a lot of people. Why not try for yourself! Toke on Lovers!

[1] Domestic violence is a serious issue and if you or yourself is a victim of domestic violence please contact the authorities or the National Domestic Violence Hotline.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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